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Announced Call for symposium “Soil future”

  Soil – this earth’s thin skin which represents a main resource for ensuring future food, yet about which we know much less then about oil – will be used as a perspective to discuss and explore the changing landscape of Europe. The Soil Future, a 3-day symposium will take place from November 2 to 5 2015 in Liepaja, during New Media art festival iWeek. iWeek encourages and promotes [read more …]

Maaland: Open call for workshops July 13-18, 2013

Renewable worklab, in cooperation with RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, 13-18th July 2013, Kimito, SW Finland. What does it mean to have a piece of land to experiment upon, to care for, and have responsibility under/over/inbetween? The land is a substrate for organisms under/over and inbetween it’s surface. It is a double-bind relationship: The land looks after you, and you look after the land. [read more …]

Pixelache Festival 2013: Bricolabs Conference archive

Bricolabs Conference in Pixelache Helsinki Festival is archived here. WHAT IS BRICOLABS? Like water, the mood on the bricolabs mailing list finds its own level. There are many souths within the north, and many norths within the south. Deep resonant networks where borders are seldom taken into account. A critical perspective on normal north-south dichotomies. Pixelache Festival 2013 with its [read more …]

iWeek – International New Media Art Week in Liepaja, Latvia, October 28 – November 4, 2012

[Informācija latviski zemāk] iWeek 2012 This year iWeek is a satellite event of festival ART+COMMUNICATION with the theme “Art of Resilience”. iWeek will be held in Liepaja from October 28th until November 4th. Today art is leaving its autonomous position behind the society’s quest for a sustainable future. Artists who once were in vanguard of exploring digital frontiers, today again are [read more …]

ART+COMMUNICATION 2012 festival – opening this Thursday, October 4

ART+COMMUNICATION 2012 festival this year explores “Art of Resilience” theme. From October 4 to November 4, 2012 Riga and Liepaja will be the host cities for the 14th International Festival for New Media Culture “Art+Communication ‘2012”. The “Art+Communication” festival is renowned across Europe for its proposed innovative themes. Each year, the festival gathers around hundred participants from Latvia, [read more …]

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