Maaland: Open call for workshops July 13-18, 2013

Renewable worklab, in cooperation with RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, 13-18th July 2013, Kimito, SW Finland.

What does it mean to have a piece of land to experiment upon, to care for, and have responsibility under/over/inbetween? The land is a substrate for organisms under/over and inbetween it’s surface. It is a double-bind relationship: The land looks after you, and you look after the land. It’s Maaland*. In Finland, many people own small pieces of land and forest, often inherited.. Literally, passed-along family trees. Imagine it may be possible to de-fragment the land, bringing it under common management, like a hard-disk. What would be the protocols of access and retrieval of information? What might be the open-source ‘code’, ‘hardware’ or ‘wetware’ that comes with the land?

Organised within the context of Pixelversity 2013 theme ‘Techno-ecologies’, including resilient agricultural infrastructure, art+bio-science collaborations, agroforestry, open hardware, and Commons management, we make an Open Call for 3 Workshops (1-3 days activity) that engage directly with the above subjects or initiates infrastructure which can support the exploration of these subjects. Please send your proposal, before Friday 7th June. Details below.

A group of approx. 15 persons from different backgrounds and interests will gather at Kimito-proto-dojo house, on Kemiönsaari/Kimitoön in South-west Finland, to explore this double-bind relationship from different perspectives. Kimito-proto-dojo house is a personal house of 2 families, and includes a wood/materials workshop, mini-fablab, indoor and outdoor workspaces. Lodging can be experimental, including tents and shelters.

Send your workshop proposal to maaland [-at-] detailing in one A4 page:

Workshop title
Workshop description (length, for whom, how many participants are useful, prior knowledge required?)
Workshop equipment required (we may have already some on site)
Workshop length (1/2/3 days?)
Contact Name(s)
Organisation/association (if applicable)
Contact (email)
Relevant link(s)

Please note we only have a budget which can support workshop proposals by persons based in Europe, with regional nominations prioritised.

* Maaland combines both the Finnish & Swedish words for land used in SW Finland.

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Feel free to share to those who would be interested.


By Andrew Gryf Paterson