Welcome to a page for Techno-Ecologies cooperation project. There you can find info about partners activities implemented within the framework of the Project. The project “TECHNO-ECOLOGIES. Other Approaches to Cultural, Social and Ecological Sustainability” is led by RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC (LV) and supported by the European Commission through its Culture Programme 2007–2013 (Cooperation projects).

The Techno-Ecologies project aims to re-approach cultural, social and ecological sustainability through artistic explorations and cultural innovation. It is implemented by RIXC (LV) and Renewable Network along with project partners: Baltan Laboratories (NL) is one of the co-organising partners in the Techno-Ecologies project, along with ARS LONGA (FR), the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (FI), the Finnish Society of Bioart (FI), Liepaja University / Art Research Lab (LV), Napon – Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies (RS), and the Vilnius Academy of Arts / Nida Art Colony (LT).

More about the copperation project read here.

* At first “techno-ecologies” theme was set by the “Art+Communication: Techno-Ecologies” festival back in 2011.

* The “Techno-Ecologies” book was published in 2012 which followed the “Techno-Ecologies” festival and conference in 2011. The book is also available on