Baltan Tasting: E-TAPAS

Baltan Tasting:Create and eat your own e-Tapas

Location: Eindhoven, STRP festival, Klokgebouw

Date: 9 March 2013, 19.00 – 21.00

Create and eat your own e-Tapas, made from edible solar cells with a 0.6 volt buzz that makes your tongue tingle. Explore innovative applications of Aronia (berries) and flax, plants that have been around for centuries, in a surprising table landscape.

During STRP Baltan presented e-Tapas: an open laboratory and tasting session at the intersection of food and textiles, photosynthesis and biomimicry. The Belgian artist Bartaku (Bart Vandeput) and French designer Carole Collet (Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design) showed the most strange, juicy, tasty ideas found in their study on the relationship between energy and food. They combine biology and nanotechnology and explore a future where designers become alchemists. Andre Amaro, an Eindhoven based chef, working at the Ketelhuis, made a special recipe in collaboration with Bartaku.

Video e-Tapas:

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e-Tapas tasting @STRP festival. Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann
e-Tapas Flyer, designed by Eric de Haas