We are glad to announce that RIXC’s partner in NORTH Creative Network project – Lorna Medialab in Reykjavik – has opened call for WorkLab “Melting on Ice” and “Pikslaverk” festival. Deadline – April 1st, 2015! Find more detailed information below.



Call for proposals


Lorna is hosting a WorkLab in Reykjavik on the theme of ‘renewable futures’, called “Melting on Ice” from May 19-23, 2015.

The WorkLab focuses its attention on the impact climate change is having on the melting of glaciers which cover one-tenth of the territory of Iceland. Glaciers are not only fascinating natural phenomenon, they store valuable scientific information. Glaciers can also be regarded as reservoirs for the production of electricity, expected to gradually disappear over the next hundred years. The melting of glaciers will have a considerable effect in the future, not only on energy resources but on hydrology, topography, transportation, tourism and human life.

Lorna calls for proposals from artists from Iceland, Latvia and Norway, who are interested in working with the challenges associated with the melting of the ice mass and the changes it brings with it. Projects related to such questions based of biology, biotechnology and electricity are offered especially welcome.


Lorna also calls for projects to be showcased at the Pikslaverk festival held in collaboration with Raflost from May 22-23rd. The festival will focus on innovative projects in the field of arts & science with an emphasis on bio-art, open source and electricity related projects, whether in the form of works or performances.


Proposals must be sent to: lorna.iceland@gmail.com

Contact name: Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir

The WorkLab and Pikslaverk festival are part of NORTH Creative Network project for open innovation and cultural exchange supported by EEA grants.