Open North

RIXC’s Nordic dimension

RIXC collaborates with experienced professional organisations and individuals from Nordic countries exploring connecting points between existing Nordic and European cooperation platforms. RIXC aims to bridge different traditionally separated fields by inviting artists and scientists, rural and urban communities, academic researchers and contemporary artists to work together and to reflect upon the undergoing changes that we are currently witnessing in Northern nature, culture and society.

Ideas and topics initiated in the projects are being communicated with a wider public, showing innovative approaches to tracing and making more visible changes in Northern socio-cultural landscape. RIXC is interested in developing an open knowledge sharing platform within and beyond the North. Events initiated by RIXC takes place both in Latvia and Nordic countries.

Current RIXC’s partner organisations in Nordic and Baltic countries:

Lorna Electronic Arts Lab (Reykjavik, Iceland)
i/o/lab (Stavanger, Norway)
Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway)
Hilde Methi, independent curator (Kirkenes, Norway)
Art in Society Research Group of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Oslo, Norway)
Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)
Department of Media/ Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Helsinki, Finland)
Pixelache Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
MUU Gallery (Helsinki, Finland)
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki, Finland)
Finnish Society of Bioart (Helsinki, Finland)
Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Arts Academy (Nida, Lithuania)
E-Media Center / Estonian Academy of Arts (Tallinn, Estonia)
and others.