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[RF-EU] Pond Radio by Smite & Smits – at Van Abbe Museum, NL

The installation will be exhibited at the Van Abbe Musem and in the river next to the museum. The place is included in festival art road passing the Dommel river. Pond Radio installation consists of microbial fuel cells that generates electricity from the bacteria living in the mud. Bio-electricity generation process is interpreted into live sound and image structures, providing an aesthetic perspective [read more …]

[RF-EU] iWeek, the 7th New Media Art Festival in Liepaja

The 7th edition of the New Media Art festival iWeek, November 2 – November 7, 2015, was organized by Art Research Lab (MPLab) of Liepaja University and E-LAB, Electronic Arts and Media Center. In 2015 the iWeek took a new turn, got a new friend and the festival venue was the summer residency of Totaldobže Art Centre – Customs house in Liepaja. The festival started on Monday, November 2, 2015, [read more …]

[RF-EU] DATA DRIFT Exhibition in the RIXC Festival from October 10 in kim?

DATA DRIFT Exhibition October 10 – November 22, 2015 Opening: October 9, 2015, at 19:00 Venue: kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga DATA DRIFT exhibition showcases works by some of the most influential data designers of our time, as well as by artists who use data as their artistic medium. How can we use the data medium to represent our complex societies, going beyond “most popular,” and “most [read more …]

[RF-EU] Renewable Futures Conference and RIXC Festival 2015

RENEWABLE FUTURES The 1st edition of new Art and Science Conference Series in EU Baltic Sea region, in the framework of RIXC Art Science Festival October 8-10, 2015, Riga | Photos from the Renewable Futures Conference: Renewable Futures Conference reception Renewable Futures Keynote John Thackara Renewable Futures Keynote Lev [read more …]

[RF-EU] RIXC Art Science Festival 2015 Press Conference

The press conference on the RIXC Art Science Festival 2015 will take place on the October 7th, 2015. The press representative were introduced to the festival program and guided through the festival exhibitions – Data Drift and North. Transformative Ecologies. Images from the press conference here >> Festival press conference at the RIXC Center. Photo: Kristine Briede PROGRAM RENEWABLE [read more …]

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