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[RF-EU] [North. CN] Out Now! DATA DRIFT. Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st Century

Malraux’s imaginary museum has become a reality of our digital age. Everyday, a massive amount of different new visual, textual, and transactional data is added to this vast archive. How do we decide what bits of contemporary digital culture to preserve, study and curate given that its universe is constantly expanding? The parallel questions of selection, archiving and curating are important to address [read more …]

Two new books by RIXC

Recently RIXC has published two new books – TECHNO-ECOLOGIES II. Media Art Histories (Acoustic Space No. 12) and TALK TO ME. Exploring human-plant communication.   TECHNO-ECOLOGIES II. Media Art Histories (Acoustic Space No. 12) Edited by Rasa Smite, Armin Medosch and Raitis Smits English, 312 pages ISSN 1407-2858 ISBN: 978-9934-8434-1-9 Techno-ecological perspectives have become [read more …]

Call for papers – Acoustic Space #12: ART OF RESILIENCE

CALL FOR PAPERS Acoustic Space No. 12: ART OF RESILIENCE Art of Resilience is the theme of the next “Acoustic Space” (Volume No. 12), peer-reviewed journal for interdisciplinary research on art, science, technology and society. The conference exploring the topic – Art of Resilience – took place during Art+Communication 2012 festival in Riga, October 5-6, 2012. The forthcoming publication [read more …]

RIXC publications now available on

We are very happy that we have made it easier for you to purchase our Acoustic Space publications via! Acoustic Space was founded by E-Lab in 1998, initially as a journal for new media culture with focus on sound art, internet radio, and creative explorations within the digitally networked environments. Since 2007 Acoustic Space comes out as a peer-reviewed journal for transdisciplinary [read more …]

Creative Networks by Rasa Smite – English edition

We are happy to announce that the book by Rasa Smite “Creative Networks” has recently come out in English! Rasa Smite. Creative Networks – In the Rearview Mirror of Eastern European History. Theory on Demand #11 Book cover. Design: Katja van Stiphout This study explores the dawn of internet culture from an Eastern European perspective. Starting with a theoretical angle several networks are introduced [read more …]

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