Call for papers – Acoustic Space #12: ART OF RESILIENCE

Acoustic Space No. 12: ART OF RESILIENCE

Art of Resilience is the theme of the next “Acoustic Space” (Volume No. 12), peer-reviewed journal for interdisciplinary research on art, science, technology and society.

The conference exploring the topic – Art of Resilience – took place during Art+Communication 2012 festival in Riga, October 5-6, 2012. The forthcoming publication will include papers presented at this conference, but will not be limited to it and is open for contributions by other authors. It will be published in English.

MacGhillie figure (author: Knowbotiq) at the entrance of The Latvian National Museum of Art, festival “Art+Communication 2012: Art of Resilience”, Riga, Latvia, October 4, 2012. Photo: Martins Engelis.

The previous publication with the title: Techno-Ecologies (Acoustic Space No 11, 2012) – for the first time came out in English only (before it was bilingual publication). The No. 11, as well as other previous issues, are now available via here.

RIXC publications this weekend (February 1-3, 2013) will be available also for sale at Transmediale 2013!

* Theme: Art of Resilience

“The future is waiting right around the corner and we are those, who shall shape it… All our decisions and actions affect our future lives and surroundings… To be able to change something, we need an imagination…” (Guna, 13-year-old participant of “Art of Resilience – Dialogue with the City” workshop led by Lina Kusaite and Michel Bauwens, Riga, October 6, 2012)

* * *

Today art is leaving its autonomous position behind the society’s quest for a sustainable future. Artists who once were in vanguard of exploring digital frontiers, today again are among the first ones who are actively engaged in looking for other ways how to make the world more sustainable.

Resilience is one of the key tactics that helps people to undergo unstable, uncertain times. The idea of a resilience is used as a guiding theme and as a point of departure for the discussions with which we aim at fostering deeper understanding of social, cultural and ecological, as well as technological sustainability issues.

We are questioning: How to enhance resilience – our capability to cope with today’s complex situation that has occurred in the result of rapid ‘techno-sciences’ development? Does art play a role of a ‘catalyst’ in this quest for sustainability, if it keeps actively establishing new connections with other fields – science and technology, architecture and design, rural infrastructure development and urban planning, social networking and global engineering? How these emergent art practices that are bridging not only different fields but also exploiting resilience experiences from different times and different cultures, are contributing towards developing a successful scenario for the future world?

* Call for papers

We welcome submissions – articles, conceptual and artistic texts, research papers and visual contributions – from artists, theorists, scientists, researchers and other lateral thinkers who are engaged with issues of social and ecological sustainability, and who are interested in a deeper understanding of technology.

* Deadline

The deadline for submitting full papers – March 15, 2013.
However, we welcome to submit abstracts first – deadline for abstracts: February 11, 2013.

Length of texts: between 2500 and 8000 words (i.e. 20 000 – 45 000 characters). Submitted texts should include: 1) short abstract (ca. 250 words, i.e. 1500 characters), 2) 5 – 6 keywords, and 3) short bio of the author (ca. 100 words, i.e. 800 characters). References should be in APA style. Language for submissions: English.

The publication will come out in October, 2013, and it will be presented at the Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW conference / Art+Communication 2013 festival, October 8-11, 2013.

* Contact and submissions

Please send abstracts and texts to the editor:
Rasa Smite rasa(at)

* Acoustic Space journal

The Acoustic Space journal was initially founded in 1998 by E-Lab/RIXC (Riga) for new media art, network culture, and creative explorations within digitally networked environments and electro-acoustic spaces.
Since 2007 Acoustic Space comes out as a peer-reviewed international journal for transdisciplinary research on art, science, technology and society. It is published by Riga’s Center for New Media Culture RIXC in collaboration with Art Research Laboratory of Liepaja University.

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By Daina and Rasa / RIXC