We’re pleased to announce that the project “TECHNO-ECOLOGIES. Other Approaches to Cultural, Social and Ecological Sustainability” led by RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC (LV) has received support from the European Commission through its Culture Programme 2007–2013 (Cooperation projects).

The Techno-Ecologies project aims to re-approach cultural, social and ecological sustainability through artistic explorations and cultural innovation. It will be implemented by RIXC (LV) and Renewable Network along with project partners: Baltan Laboratories (NL) is one of the co-organising partners in the Techno-Ecologies project, along with ARS LONGA (FR), the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (FI), the Finnish Society of Bioart (FI), Liepaja University / Art Research Lab (LV), Napon – Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies (RS), and the Vilnius Academy of Arts / Nida Art Colony (LT).

In response to the current situation of economical, climate, social and cultural crisis, the project is aimed at developing viable solutions. Overcoming crisis requires changes, therefore the project refers to the case of Latvia (which is also the home country of RIXC) – country affected by the recent crisis to the greatest extent at the same time having undergone constant changes since the Fall of the Berlin Wall thus obtaining an important experience of “surviving”. Using Latvia as the point of departure, yet being aware that possible solutions can only be found in a trans-national cooperation, Techno-Ecologies project is devoted to building a trans-European collaboration platform encouraging artists, theorists, designers, environmental scientists, responsible entrepreneurs, technologists and activists to work together on developing creative and alternative strategies and innovative models in the name of a sustainable future.

A view from the “Techno-ecologies” exhibition which took place in the framework of “Art+Communication 2011” festival in Riga, LV by RIXC, November-December 2011, undertaking the idea of techno-ecologies.

Techno-Ecologies project takes place from June 2012 to May 2014 consisting of 17 activities under 4 sections: 1) Workshop Series and Artistic Explorations – facilitating space for theoretical research and artistic experimentation; 2) Open Labs – for communicating ideas and workshop results to different audiences; 3) RENEW! Media Art Histories 2013 Conference and Exhibition – facilitating venue for discussions, meetings and public presentations; and 4) Publicity Activity – for disseminating results for a wider audience.

by Angela / Baltan Laboratories, NL and Rasa / RIXC, LV