TALK TO ME – tropical edition

The weather in Riga currently reminds us of tropics, and tropics they are! We have just launched another “Talk to Me” installation which runs in the Botanical Garden of University of Latvia* in Riga, Latvia, and more specifically – it is located in the Tropics Greenhouse. Among the jungle of leaves of exotic trees and bushes you can find “long beans” and talk to them. If you are in Riga, welcome until the end of summer!

This means that via the internet you can follow live bean plants growing already in three(!) venues and talk to whichever location – by clicking on the realtime image – and choosing voice (female or male) and language (English, German or Latvian):

Screenshot from web camera in Botanical Garden.

A review in Latvian and images in Arterritory about “Talk to Me” in Botanical Garden here.

Images from the opening of “Talk to Me” in Botanical Garden of University of Latvia:

Photos: Raitis Šmits and Daina Siliņa

Financial support by Riga City Council, Nordic Culture Point and State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.
We thank Botanical Garden of University of Latvia and director Anta Sparinska personally for the invitation to exhibit there!

* Botanical Garden of University of Latvia, Tropics Greenhouse, Kandavas street 2, Riga, Latvia

by Daina / RIXC