Talk to Me in Latvian

Talk to the bean plants in Latvian now!

There will be two openings of the network art project “Talk to Me” now in the cities of Latvia as Ventspils and Riga will join Talk to Me network. Today, June 29, at 16.00 the opening will take place in Ventspils, at the Centre of Performing Arts “Jūras Vārti”. But next Thursday, July 5, at 17.00 the opening of the “Talk to Me” installation will take place in Riga, at the Botanical Garden of University of Latvia.

“Talk to me” is a plant communication network consisting of several installations with living plants that are set up in different countries and cities. “Talk to me” installations in Riga and Ventspils will be open throughout the summer – if you come to Riga or Ventspils – welcome!

Screenshot of the interface for talking to the plants. Watch the nodes in Latvia joining soon!

You can always watch live via the internet how the bean plants are proceeding with growing in different cities and venues and send them encouraging message:

Update: “Talk to Me” installation in Ventspils has just joined the network!

by Daina / RIXC