TALK TO ME / Long Bean 2011 @ Pixelache

During Camp Pixelache 2011 EXHIBITION/LAB RIXC will present the installation TALK TO ME / Long Bean 2011

Exhibition place: Gallery Augusta, Helsinki
Exhibition dates: Saturday 12 March, 12:00-18:00, Sunday 13 March, 14:00-18:00

Everyone wants someone to talk to. Nowadays, scientists have performed various experiments in order to verify the old assumption that talking to plants makes them grow better. This is a prototype for an interface, which allows talking to the plants remotely via the internet. The project is a continuation of the social art campaign “Long Bean” ( that took place last summer (2010) in Riga. There local inhabitants were invited to contribute their own grown plants for collaborative “Riga WindowFarms” installation in the windows of RIXC Media Space.

This summer we again will plant and grow “long beans”, but this time we invite everyone to participate in collaborative experiment by talking to the growing plants. Camp Pixelache is the very first stage of the project – here you are kindly asked to talk to the beans by using an online remote interface, before we have planted them. After Pixelache, you also will be able to continue talking to the beans online, thus presumably helping the “long bean” plants to grow better, faster and longer.

You can talk to ‘Long Bean’ here: