[RF-EU] RENEWABLE FUTURES 2nd partner meeting of Creative Europe’s project partners

2nd partner meeting of Creative Europe’s project partners

October 27-28, 2016

Hosted by Hangar, Barcelona C/ Emilia Coranty, 16
08018 – Barcelona

Confirmed attendees:

Rasa Smite, RIXC
Agnese Baranova, RIXC
Marlou van der Cruijsen, Baltan Laboratories
Kristin Bergaust, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA)
Lily Diaz-Kommonen, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Media

Juhani Tenhunen, Aalto FabLab (via Skype Conference Call)
Vincent Guimas, Ars Longa (via Skype Conference Call)
Maija Demiter, Liepaja University, Art Research Lab (MPLab) (via Skype Conference Call)
Daina Silina, RIXC (via Skype Conference Call)

Raúl Nieves, ilaro.org
Tere Badia, Hangar
Marta Gracia, Hangar

Visit to labs in residency at Hangar. Photo: Rasa Smite

Schedule for the day:

13.00 – 14.00 Visit to Hangar
14.00 – 15.00 Lunch break
15.00 – 17.30 Partners meeting

15.00 – Discussing financial side of the RF project:

Discussing, agreeing, and signing the financial agreements (as annexes to contracts) about precised dates of instalments, taking into account the delay with 2nd installment.

15.30 – Planning Creative Apprenticeships programme:

1) Please identify your needs – what kind of young talented person you would like to host in your org. (artist, maker, designer, manager, thinker :), what knowledge is needed or what you want to share.
2) And the other way around: please let us know what are the facilities and resources that you can offer and you would like to develop, share, etc.

16.00 – Discussion about the future of Renewable Futures conference series:

1) 2nd edition – in Eindhoven: Baltan is willing to postpone the dates for April due to keynote speakers, so far we have 60 really good applications, it might be tricky, but it could work, if we show the benefit of postponing the dates (for example, RF partners can develop their panel proposals and apply, thus contributing more profoundly :)

2) 3rd edition – already as follow up activity of this project, as it will take place in 2019 in Helsinki, with a conference pre-event in 2018, also in Helsinki, hosted by Aalto.

16.30 – 17.30 – Partners introducing their activities – past, current and planned

17.30 – 19.00 – Evening programme: visit to the labs of the collectives in residence DIY Bio Barcelona

DIY Bio Barcelona
(from their website)

We are a group of bio – and technology enthusiasts building a DIY bio-community lab in Barcelona area with the aim to
1) close the gap between bio-sciences and the citizens,
2) make open science and technology with the aim to help biology
3) and explore new applications of biology to every-day life which can improve our relation with the earth and ourselves.


Ilaro is an organization dedicated to product development and projects related to self-repliction digital manufacturing. Search and research, support a commitment to disclosure of content and ideas, which are stored in your database open and free public domain data. Ilaro is based at Hangar (Barcelona), where he regularly taught open sessions and collaborations with other residents projects. Ilaro advises and collaborates on projects with leading companies and institutions, and is also able to get involved in their own projects. On a personal level, different training profiles make up the organization, composing a multidisciplinary team focused on digital production and dissemination.


Befaco is a platform that works following the copyleft philosophy. It has been created to support electronic musicians who want to make their own tools. It is a collective focused on the dissemination of the “do it yourself” culture applied to music technology and more specifically the construction of analog synthesizers. Seeks to recover the musical techniques of the pioneers of electronic music to give them a new use from a current perspective. It is focused on the recovery and reinterpretation of the machines in which modern visual programming languages such as Pure Data or Max msp are inspired.

Its main activities include workshops, synthesizers design, sound building custom widgets and restoration of vintage instruments. Also its web is a technical source for Spanish speaking DIY community. During the last three years they have created many electronic and electromechanical musical instruments, most of them documented for been used by the DIY community.

About Befaco on Hangar website


BeAnotherLab is an artistic collective and interdisciplinary research group founded in Barcelona in 2012, which developed The Being Other Machine project (TMBA) .

The group is dedicated to compression, communication and expansion of subjective experiences; focusing its work in investigating the relationship between identity and empathy from an embodied perspective / “beefy” and the development of innovative applications in the art, scientific research, social, health and education, putting a strong emphasis on social innovation and impact on the lives of people. His work is based on a distributed model of action research and collaborative design methodologies. They hold partnerships in multiple countries, disciplines and institutions.

The group works at the intersection between art, science and technology, questioning the hierarchies between these different forms of knowledge. The group is committed to inventing new models of collaboration sustainability and not based on individuals, but rather on the idea of sharing and expanding identities and communities.

About BeAnotherLab on Hangar website

Other (thematically related events) in Barcelona to attend:

1. Art and Speculative Futures International Conference

2. Exhibition, curated by Andy Gracie and Monica Bello