Renewable Lab symposium – hemp and pond voltage [photos]

10 days have passed after the Renewable Lab event and here are results: hemp is growing and the pond keeps up voltage for bacteria cells. More in the photos from the day spent in Saliņas and partly directly in the pond water.

Hydroponic floating garden (‘Ophelia’) built under the leadership of Mikko Laajola:

Mikko and Lauris almost ready to let the garden float. Photo: Rasa Šmite

In a week seeds have come up! Photo: Lauris Šmits

This is going to be hemp. Photo: Lauris Šmits


Bacteria battery cells built under the leadership of Artūrs Gruduls with the assistance of Zane Rutkovska:

Voltmeter shows the voltage obtained from the cells placed in the pond. Photo: Rasa Šmite

The process of placing bacteria battery cells in refreshing pond water under hot July sun. Photo: Rasa Šmite


Rasa also took voltage measurements which are following:

Cell #1 with an original electrode: 0.6 V
Cells #2, #3 and #5 with different self-made electrodes: 0.5 V
Cell #4 with an electrode made from synthetic cloth: 0.2 V


P.S. As soon as we will collect photos and videos from everybody we will post them on this blog as well!

By Daina and Rasa / RIXC