Daina Silina participates in SUTRA festival in Belgrade

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November 21-23, 2014, Daina Silina, event producer from RIXC, participated in SUTRA/TOMMOROW festival in Belgrade, Serbia, exhibiting “Pond Battery. Biotricity project” as a live stream internet and sound installation and giving a talk on art and science projects produced by RIXC.

SUTRA/TOMORROW (Blend of Art, Technology, Diversity and Authenticity) in the course of three days presented artists, concepts and projects that explore the connection between art, science and technology through artist talks, presentations and interactive workshops. At the same time SUTRA/TOMORROW is the initiative and support of the Belgrade Youth Centre to re-launching the art & science festival in Belgrade.

More about SUTRA 2014 festival: http://www.domomladine.org/vesti/festival-tomorrow/

Earlier the same week Daina Silina also met with students and their professors of Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and presented RIXC’s art and science projects.

Supported by EU programme Culture 2007-2013 in the framework of Soft Control project.