Call for participation in study of soil and art



If you have used earth materially or symbolically in your creative practice, or in some way addressed the value, function, or meaning of soil in your art, you are cordially invited to take part in an online survey about soil and art.

Although the arts play a critical role in sustainability discourses, the actual opinions, knowledge and practices of artists are rarely a subject of scientific inquiry. This is why your voice is so important! With your help, we hope to identify a wide spectrum of art projects that bring new awareness to the thin layer of matter on which all life is based, and to gather information on the various conditions under which such works are made.

This survey makes up part of my PhD research on the artistic use, interpretation and representation of soil and soil conservation issues. All data is collected with utmost integrity for research purposes. Specific details about individual projects and persons will not be disclosed without respondent’s consent. As a symbol of our appreciation for your participation we would like to feature your work on the Soilarts research platform.

The only criteria for participation is the material or symbolic use of earth (soil) or focus on soil conservation issues in creative (artistic) practice. This could include everything from painting with soil to urban gardening and agricultural projects, to reforestation and restoration work, to innovative architecture and design. Participants should either have experience working internationally or have been critically recognized beyond their own national/local contexts. Graduate students and early-career artists are welcome to participate alongside “pioneers” and mid-career and experienced artists.

Thank you kindly in advance for your participation!

By Alexandra Toland