Science Night – with shadow projection and North network


At Scientist night – Friday, September 26, 5 pm – we are inviting you to closing of Cafe Europa, where we will present RIXC new project – “NORT-creative network”.

Last weeks Cafe Europa program is offering Hanna Haaslahti (FL) interactive exhibition about psychology of visual perception, after which artist, together with participants of creative workshops, created new shadow projection performance.

RIXC new initiative “NORTH – creative network” is response to unstable situation of this moment, which requires constant and rapid changes in culture and art sector and finding new, innovate solutions for more sustainable future. Past years, new media artists have developed and expanded their field of interests far beyond the so-called “new media” borders. They are engaged in sustainability issues, looking at them from different perspectives – social, cultural, environmental and technological. Project partner countries – Norway and Iceland – are leaders in research and production of renewable energy. The artists in this project will be invited to collaborate with scientists in order to jointly create a “renewable future “vision – discussing the future of the Northern water, glaciers melting effects, biological potential for energy production in the future and communication technologies, open source approach and bio-art etc.

At Friday, September 26, 5pm, at closing of Cafe Europa, as part of scientist night, you will be able to see not only shadow performance of Hanna Haaslahti, but also lecture “Virtuoso. Art and science experiments, 17. century” of philosopher Ainars Kamolins. By the evening there will be look back on previous Cafe Europa events and most interesting artistic and scientistic experiments of Liepasjas university New Media art students. Look in future of North waters will be presented by ioLab – Stavanger art and science laboratory – director Hege Tapio and Reykjavik Electronic art center Lorna director Margaret Olafsdotir.

Exhibition open from tuesday to sunday 12pm to 6pm, free entrance.

Partners: Mons 2015, AWEX, Embassy of Belgium in Latvia

Support: Riga 2014, Norwegian and EEA financial mechanism Creative Network – for open innovation and cultural exchange, Wallonia – Bruxelles International, ABLV Charitable Foundation, Riga city council, Ministry of culture Republic of Latvia, EU program Culture 2007-2013 as part of Soft control project, State Culture Capital Foundation, Liepaja university MpLab.