Riga Capital of culture year has closed


December 29, with reception in Riga Congress Centre, RIGA 2014 Culture capital event was closed. Together, during 2014, in Riga and Latvia took place more than thousand cultural events, bringing to audience unseen spectrum of emotions.

This year RIXC also has brought wide range of culture events – we have produced 3 big events in the program of RIGA 2014 European Capital of Culture:

1. Exhibition FIELDS at Arsenals Exhibition Hall of Latvian National Museum of Art from May 15 until August 3.

2. Cafe Europa – RIXC Innovation Lab with intense six-weeks programme in Spikeri Creative Quarter in collaboration with Mons 2015 – next year’s European Capital of Culture.

3. Exhibition “Hyperbolic planes and sustainability networks” by Daina Taimina at Kim? Contemporary art Center. Nearly 200 crocheters from all over Latvia took part in it as well!

Next year we are continuing our North cooperation network and waiting for blooming of our project “Pound battery” in spring. Its work in winter period you can see here.

This year was rich and successful, we thank our partners and supporters, friends and wish you
Energetic New Year!