Open Call for Grey Cube Galleries @Old Bear Castles, Korkeasaari, Helsinki, 5-9.2015


Grey Cube Galleries
From May to September 2014
Location: the old bear castles in Korkeasaari, Helsinki


The old bear castles in Korkeasaari will transform into art galleries during summer 2014. Grey Cube Galleries is now looking for proposals for art works and live performances. The proposals can be fine art, environmental art, performance and live art, music, circus, mixed media, sound or light art or a combination of them. Galleries are located in the zoo area in the island of Korkeasaari, which has annually 430 000-500 000 visitors. The island and its zoo with all the animals and plants create a unique biodiversity hub, which is absurd, fascinating or entertaining – depending on a viewpoint.

The focus of Grey Cube Galleries will be on site specific art, which, for example, somehow addresses the issues of cultural history of the old bear castles or the zoo, the representations on different life forms, biodiversity of organisms or diverse forms of existence. Art events which include variety of artworks and live performances with a common theme will be held from May to September. Long lasting works and installations will be displayed during the periods between the events.

There are some limitations for art works because of the location of Galleries inside the old bear castles. The art works, for example, have to be weather proof and they wont be guarded during the exhibit. Also the artworks can be seen and experienced during the zoo’s opening hours.

The proposal should include:

– A short description
– Preferred timetable (the month and duration of the work/installation/performance)
– Description of the structure, materials and size of the work and any special features
– Visualised plans or sketches if possible

Send your proposal until Friday 21.2.2014 to


More info:

050 4138213, Kristiina Ljokkoi