Stavanger Article biennial 2015


DNA and nanotechnology – the art of the future ?
Article biennial 2015 will revolve around the intersection art and science, focusing on art which make use of and/or commenting DNA technology and nanotechnology. The purpose of Article biennial is to promote art forms commenting on our digital world and affecting ethical and political issues concerning our time.

New knowledge and new technology has inspired artists to explore creative, ethical and philosophical aspects of science. The artists visualize the invisible and redefines the concept of aesthetics and what is meant by art.
Through the Article biennial we encompass artworks questioning DNA-technology regarding copyright and privacy as well as artwork painted with nanoparticles of silver.

Participating artists are: Heather Dewey-Hagborg / Kate Nichols / Paul Vanouse and Next Nature – the latter will present over a dozen new speculative and potential new nanoproducts in their Nano Supermarket.

The exhibition is supplemented by events in the form of discussion panels led by the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, artist presentations and workshops aimed towards children and young people.

The Article biennial is presented for the fifth time.
Article biennial is curated and produced by i/o/lab Centre for Future Art
Location: Stavanger artmuseum, Norway
Exhibition period: February 6th – March 1st 2015
Content and program for the Article biennial is to be found at: