First Changing Weathers kickoff meeting took place in Slovenia


This week, from March 18, 2015 in Slovenia project’s Changing Weathers took place kickoff meeting, which consisted from joint scheming, plotting, dreaming, mapping and structuring. All project partners participated in the meeting  – RIXC (LV), Zavod Projekt Atol (SI), Ljudmila (SI), The Finnish Society of Bioart (FI), Dark Ecology (NL) & Hilde Methi (NO), Time’s up (AT). The project is supported by EU programme Creative Europe (Cooperation Projects).

The Changing Weathers project is a partnership with organisations and people both from the European “core” and its political and economic “periphery”, with partners from countries of the East and of the West, from the North and from the South.

It’s also a series of workshops, open field-based conferences, residencies, exhibitions and cultural actions with a goal of developing, discovering and re-shaping resilient and sustainable cultural practices challenged by climate, economic, ecological, technologic, social, political, cultural, artistic and geopolitical changes and tensions of past, present and future Europe.

Within the project a program of (commissioned) artworks, strategies and dynamic infrastructures will be created. They will initiate and sustain long-term networked co-operation and exchange between the participating organisations, cultural operators, artists and traditional and indigenous cultural activists.