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Talk to Me in Latvian

Talk to the bean plants in Latvian now! There will be two openings of the network art project “Talk to Me” now in the cities of Latvia as Ventspils and Riga will join Talk to Me network. Today, June 29, at 16.00 the opening will take place in Ventspils, at the Centre of Performing Arts “Jūras Vārti”. But next Thursday, July 5, at 17.00 the opening of the “Talk to Me” installation will [read more …]

Talk to Me in Pixelache 2012

In May 10-13 we – Daina and Agnese – went to Helsinki to take part in Pixelache 2012 festival. We set up an installation presenting “Talk to Me” artwork by RIXC and upcoming “Talk to Me” network at Arbis centre where other various maker, open design, trashlab and hacklab projects from Finland, Latvia, Germany, United States, Denmark and Russia were shown. “Talk to Me” installation in [read more …]

Unconference on Art and Sustainability

The unconference event during the summer, from 28-31st July, 2011 was a meeting of local, regional or international practitioners and organisers in the Estonian countryside (35km from Tallinn), to address the pressing topic of art; energy sustainability in cultural production. Participants included: Antti Ahonen (FI), Natalia Borissova (RU/DE), Tomi Flinck (FI), Taavet Jensen (EE), Anna Karpenko (RU), [read more …]

TALK TO ME / Long Bean 2011 @ Pixelache

During Camp Pixelache 2011 EXHIBITION/LAB RIXC will present the installation TALK TO ME / Long Bean 2011 Exhibition place: Gallery Augusta, Helsinki Exhibition dates: Saturday 12 March, 12:00-18:00, Sunday 13 March, 14:00-18:00 Everyone wants someone to talk to. Nowadays, scientists have performed various experiments in order to verify the old assumption that talking to plants makes them [read more …]

ENERGY. Scientific and Artistic, Utopian and Critical Visions Acoustic Space. No. 8

We are pleased to announce that the ENERGY publication has been just launched! Peer-reviewed Journal for Transdisciplinary Research on Art, Science, Technology and Society Edited by Rasa Smite, Armin Medosch, Kerstin Mey, Raitis Smits Riga, Liepaja: RIXC, MPLab, 2011                     In human society, energy [read more …]

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